Salesforce Solutions

A complete suite of Salesforce services

Azimuth DS provides cloud-based solutions that are unique to your business requirements. We get to know you and your business by building a lasting relationship, enabling us to tailor the solutions based on what YOU need and not by giving you a cookie-cutter solution like most consulting firms do.

We provide a full spectrum of Salesforce solutions from general user creation to fully customized application development. We take the time to understand what your expectations are from using Salesforce  which is unique to Azimuth DS.

Salesforce Solutions

We provide a full spectrum of Salesforce solutions from general user creation to fully customized application development

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System Administration

Full-service system administration duties from User creation to Workflow creation. These services include all of the standard Salesforce administrative tasks excluding Community setup, apex and visualforce development.

Org Analysis/Cleanup

A full sweep analysis of your org to assess the implementation and recommend any necessary changes that would make your process cleaner and more efficient.

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Apex Development

Custom apex controller and component development to include test classes, code coverage requirements and change set deployment.

Visualforce Development

Custom visualforce page creation that is built to your specifications. This includes branding, css and custom controllers.

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We also offer Salesforce Administration contracts that allow for us to provide you an ongoing Salesforce support that you can call on whenever needed. Contact us for pricing and plan descriptions.

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Data Imports

Mass create/update/delete/reassign records provided by customers in formatted CSV file, Assist in creation and modification of duplicate management rules as necessary.

Business Process Analysis

We spend time with you to fully understand your business model and how you would like to implement those processes in Salesforce as well as offering suggestions based on our experience in the platform.

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Setup / Customization

Initial setup and roll out of your Salesforce instance that includes best practices for your company, documentation, end user initial training and follow-up support through our administration contracts.

Application Development

Create and update mobile configurations and provide fully custom application solutions for standard and custom objects.

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