DIS Services

Consulting services for the DIS Platform

Azimuth DS provides cloud-based solutions that are unique to your business requirements. We get to know you and your business by building a lasting relationship, enabling us to tailor the solutions based on what YOU need and not by giving you a cookie-cutter solution like most consulting firms do.

Azimuth DS has two of the most knowledgeable DIS Solutions experts in the world! We can help you streamline your dealership processes and procedures with Solutions business logic and modules in mind.

DIS Platform Services

Azimuth DS offers consulting services for the DIS Solutions Platform

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Business Process Analysis

Azimuth DS has expertise in all modules of DIS Solutions to help you streamline your processes and workflows for increased productivity and efficiency at your dealership. Azimuth DS engages your personnel to determine best practices and existing DIS Solutions modules or offerings that might not be fully utilized in your environment.

Documentation Services

With world-renowned experts in DIS Solutions, Azimuth DS understands your need to have documentation that is valid for your company’s processes and policies and to assist in minimizing the training time for new employees.

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Salesforce Intergration

Through our partnership with Salesforce and other platform providers, Azimuth DS can design and implement an integration plan tailored to your company’s culture and needs. Additionally, Azimuth DS has Salesforce managed packages that supplement and enhance your processes built around the DIS Solutions platform.

  • Rental Reservation Management
  • Territory Management
  • Customer Portal (Coming soon)

Visual Solutions

Azimuth DS has researched and implemented virtualized Solutions instances with zero-install terminal emulation. Contact us to find out more.

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